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Constructive repair of the cultural heritage building damaged by the earthquake, the Church of the Bistrica Mother of God successfully completed

The key professional support in the application and later in the financial and administrative management of the project was provided by Plavi partner, whose experts have been involved in the project from the very beginning together with the pastor and his project team. Our experts have implemented the project flawlessly in procedural, administrative and financial terms, which is best shown by the fact that this is one of the first completed constructive repair projects funded by the European Union Solidarity Fund in the Republic of Croatia while the grant utilization is 100%.

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Project Preparation

We have prepared projects for our clients in various fields and secured contracts for EU grants worth more than 3 billion Kunas.

Project Implementation

We focus all our knowledge and experience on sound financial management of the project, minimizing risks and ensuring an audit trail.

Other Services

We make internal regulations and manuals on procedures, strategic documents, prepare and implement procurement procedures, organize training for strengthening administrative capacities

Our Services

We have developed a set of services that we tailor to the needs of each of our clients. Sometimes our clients need help with project preparation and sometimes with project implementation. Sometimes they just need an education to strengthen their own capacities. No matter the need we always provide our services with a high level of expertise, knowledge and skills, all in order to achieve the common goal of financing a project from an EU fund.


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