Terme Selce Health Clinic – Whit Us, Sky is Not the Limit

Project beneficiary:Poliklinika Terme – Selce
Total project value:15.842.727 HRK
Grant amount: HRK


Occupations exposed to high levels of stress are also exposed to high risks of illness from various diseases. A good example of such occupations are air traffic controllers and pilots. There are currently no specialized programs available aimed to prevent and treat emerging health problems for these professions. The project will introduce innovative processes and create preconditions for new prevention services, treatments and, in general, enhancement of the well-being and health of professions exposed to high levels of stress and associated health risks. This will be a completely new service on the international market that will improve the status of the professions mentioned above, but also contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of Terme Selce Health Clinic on the market.


Book - EU POLICIES AND FUNDS 2014-2020

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