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Promotion and dissemination of specific knowledge on the EU funds and policies through conferences, seminars and workshops organized on a regular basis and/or tailored to clients' needs. The training activities are created to promote general and strategic knowledge of the EU funds and/or knowledge and skills specific to the requirements of a target group.

General and strategic training

  • General information on the EU funds, strategic documents and policies, National strategic reference framework and other relevant strategies
  • Finance possibilities for all the potential end users of the EU funds (segmented according to sectors and/or funds)
  • Experience of the beneficiaries from the Member States – lessons learned and how to respond to challenges (segmented according to contract type)
  • How to set up a functional and successful project team
  • How to identify project pipeline and prepare projects for financing

Note: This type of training is developed for decision makers and clients requiring general knowledge and precise insight into the EU policies, funds and related processes; the stress is on the knowledge needed for a sound, effective development management within the beneficiary institution. The training is organized locally (regionally). In order to respond to the expressed interest of the clients for individual work, "one on one" training courses and work in small groups with related requirements are available.

Training for project preparation and implementation

  • IPA by components, Community Programmes, Structural and Cohesion funds (segmented)
  • Structure of the implementation system, responsibilities and processes of accredited institutions
  • Specific seminars: How to prepare a project proposal by type of call for proposals
  • How to implement secondary procurement under the project
  • How to mantain sound financial management of the project
  • Risk and irregularity management
  • Correct filing and archiving of the project documentation
  • Communication and visibility according to the EU requirements

Note: Training is enhanced by practical examples, pointing to the most common errors and lessons learned by the beneficiaries from Croatia's pre-acession period, as well as the examples of best practice from the Member States. The training courses will be announced quarterly, in advance, in order to enable the clients to select and plan the attendance of the courses specific to their needs.