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We believe that more than average consultants is what it takes to obtain financing from the EU funds. We are by no means average consultants! Our experts' references are solid and easy to check. Professional experience in institutions for contracting and financing of the EU funded projects, supervision of the project implementation, close cooperation with the EU institutions, excellent knowledge of the processes and procedures related to the utilisation of the EU funds are only some of the fields that are covered by our references.

Our key qualifications are in the following fields:

  • Institution building and set up of the system of management of the EU projects in Croatia
  • Excelent knowledge of decentralised implementation system of the EU funds as a whole (strategic documents, contracting and implementation)
  • Excelent knowledge of operational structure, legal acts and procedures relevant to the EU funds
  • Management of the Contracting Authority (CFCA) in Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) in Croatia: tendering, contracting, financing and supervision of the project implementation
  • Experience including contracting and implementation of more than 700 projects worth cca. 450 mil euro through CARDS, Phare and IPA comp I and III, as well as large infrastructure projects through ISPA programme
  • Public procurement according to the EU requirements
  • Communication and visibility according to the EU requirements
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Active participation in Croatian pre-accession negotiation process on Chapter 22: Regional policy and structural instruments
  • Unique experience in creation and implementation of public policies, regulations and procedures (regional development policy, transport policy, fiscal policy and the state budget, budget processes) gained while working for several public institutions (Croatian Parliament, the Government, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastrucure, the Central Finance and Contracting Agency)
  • Close cooperation with international financial institutions (EBRD, EIB, WB) on a number of co-financed projects.