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Project preparation and implementation

Experience has shown that an excellent project, even if well thought out and carrying significant impact is not always the project rewarded with co-financing from the EU funds. Unfamiliarity with the processes and procedures of the project preparation in requested form is a great risk when applying for the EU funds. This work should be done by professionals!

Our basic services in preparation of project proposals are the following:

  • Preparation of Concept Notes, Full Aplications, studies and analyses required
  • Quality check and appraisal of previously prepared documentation
  • Fund raising

Once selected, a project faces many implementation challenges. Success of the project is not measured by the signing of the contract. It is measured by timely, quality implementation guaranteeing full utilisation of the funds granted, without returns due to procedural errors or irregularities.

During the implementation we offer:

  • Preparation of documentation necessary for secondary procurement
  • Preparation of various types of reports required by the Contract
  • Ad hoc expertise – consultation on the challenges of implementation
  • Documentaton filing and archiving according to the EU requirements
  • Communication and visibility according to the EU requirements
  • Mentorship