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About us


mr.sc. Marija Tufekčić
Marija was Director of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) for a mandate of four years (2008-2012). She was heading all the activities and bearing the responsibility for overall tendering and evaluation processes, signing of the contracts, financial management and supervision of the project implementation. During her mandate cca. 700 contracts were signed, amounting to cca. 450 mil. euro, with high contracting rates reached per each programme.

Plavi Partner Ltd. is a consultancy company specialising in the management of the EU funds. The company is run by experts whose professional excellence was proven during their occupancy of high-profile posts in the institutions accredited for the implementation of the EU funds during the pre-accession period in Croatia. Some of these institutions include the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA), the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The company was founded with the aim of increasing market services contributing to the strengthening of Croatian, as well as regional markets' absorption capacities of the EU funds.

The unique professional experience and expertise of our professionals are the distinguishing marks of our operation. Our team of experts includes professionals who have worked on the set up of the institutions accredited for the management of the EU funds in Croatia, who possess excellent knowledge of the decentralised implementation system in Croatia and of the overall EU funds management system, particularly of the relevant processes and procedures. They have the skills and knowledge necessary to select and prepare tailor-made projects for the financing through the EU funds available to Croatia.

Our additional strenghts are references and specific knowledge in strategic planning, programme budgeting, multiannual budget planning and budget execution, fiscal management controls (FMC).

Our global objective is to promote and disseminate specific knowledge on the EU funds, ensure technical support to our clients in the set up and building of their capacities for the preparation and implementation of the EU projects, and to participate in the raising of the absorption capacities of Croatia and the regional countries.

Expert network

We have developed a network with asociate experts who have dedicated most of their professional careers to working in the management of the EU funds in Croatia. In our expert database listed are the experts from a range of specific fields of the EU funds management (strategic planning, programming, conctracting and financing, implementation of the projects, FIDIC expertise and relevant specific sectors).


Plavi Partner is a raliable partner and an important asset to the users of the EU funds in Croatia, and a local partner to international companies working in Croatia and the region.


Providing premium quality support to our clients by proven experts only, and efficient services which successfully balance the imperatives of quality and time constrains.